Monday, November 22, 2010

What age did Tut die at?

How did King Tut die in your opinion?

What is an area of strenth?

What is an area for improvement?


Why was his death significant?

His death was significant because nobody knew what the heck happened to him. There are 5 or more different theories on how he died but they have so little evidence to prove anything Theories are that he had committed suicide due to his family. Another is that people think it was a homicide considering the ct scans and the damage to his leg. But most people believe that he had fallen backwards or accidentally hurt himself. I would be very mad if i accidentally killed myself and i was a king that had a great Life..

Gold Gold Gold!

Many people have asked what is inside of King Tut's tomb? Well there was one thing in there that you couldn't miss and that was GOLD! It was everywhere you could look. There would be ancient animals made out of gold and Egyptian hieroglyphics that were carved out of gold. It was just all over the place, even the tomb itself was gold too. I wish that I could have a little bit maybe to go by something for me.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Only tomb left?

In the valley of the kings there was many tombs that had been stolen. King tut was still laying there untouched when Howard Carter found it. I think its cool that mostly all the tombs were gone except for his.There were people who would go out and rob the tombs and use the rewards they find and either sell them for many or kepp the goods for themselves. That is why the phorah was so special because his tomb was never found by anyone in egypt until Carter found it in 1922.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Mystery Death of King Tut

Many people believe that his death was a homicide,but others have different opinions of what happened.A CT scan showed evidence of a blow to the head that might have been fatal but scientists are not sure. Some people think he may have fallen backwards but I really have no clue how he would do that unless he tripped over his own two feet! The corner of King Tut said that he might of suffered from depression and killed himself considering his daughter died during birth. I'm surprised he could even live after something like that. That would be extremely sad to lose a daughter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The CURSE of tut

What do you think of when your talking about curses. Vampires,zombies, demons, or maybe even the boogieman! Well this has nothing to do with any of the scary creepy things. This curse is about one of the most famous kings in all of ancient Egypt, KING TUT! Some people don't think the curse is really real. I mean who believes in curses anymore, not me. The theory is that whoever touches the royal tomb of the Pharaoh shall have death.The curse first came upon Lord Carnavon who was the person who paid his hard earned money to pay for Howard Carter to look for the tomb. He was bit by a big carnivorous mosquito that led to a disease that eventually killed him.Shortly after his death the brother of Lord Carnovon died also.
News of this spread all over the world, people were wondering if the curse could actually be real. Some archaeologists went into the tomb long after but they all have suffered a death in some way. One scientist went into the tomb and surprisingly hung him self, weird right? No one will ever go back into that tomb without thinking about the curse of King Tut!