Monday, November 22, 2010

Why was his death significant?

His death was significant because nobody knew what the heck happened to him. There are 5 or more different theories on how he died but they have so little evidence to prove anything Theories are that he had committed suicide due to his family. Another is that people think it was a homicide considering the ct scans and the damage to his leg. But most people believe that he had fallen backwards or accidentally hurt himself. I would be very mad if i accidentally killed myself and i was a king that had a great Life..


  1. I think it's so bazzare that we still dont know to this day how he did with all of the modern technology we have.

  2. Man that is still crazy how we have alot of scienctist and still can't find how he died.

  3. i know you would think they wouldve finded that out