Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The CURSE of tut

What do you think of when your talking about curses. Vampires,zombies, demons, or maybe even the boogieman! Well this has nothing to do with any of the scary creepy things. This curse is about one of the most famous kings in all of ancient Egypt, KING TUT! Some people don't think the curse is really real. I mean who believes in curses anymore, not me. The theory is that whoever touches the royal tomb of the Pharaoh shall have death.The curse first came upon Lord Carnavon who was the person who paid his hard earned money to pay for Howard Carter to look for the tomb. He was bit by a big carnivorous mosquito that led to a disease that eventually killed him.Shortly after his death the brother of Lord Carnovon died also.
News of this spread all over the world, people were wondering if the curse could actually be real. Some archaeologists went into the tomb long after but they all have suffered a death in some way. One scientist went into the tomb and surprisingly hung him self, weird right? No one will ever go back into that tomb without thinking about the curse of King Tut!

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  1. Wow what a curse. How do you get bit by a mosquito that led to a disease and then kill you.